Call for Participation: Guidelines and Supportstandards for Victims of Hate Crime

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HCall for Participationate Crime is a widespread problem in Europe especially – but not only – for people who are affected. After experiencing a bias motivated violation, special support and advice is often necessary. Yet, there are no common standards or guidelines on an European level on how to advise and support victims of hate crime as best as possible. It is time to change that! Therefore, we invite advisory offices for victims of Hate Crime in Europe to participate in the project „Guidelines and Supportstandards for Victims of Hate Crime“ and to bring their expert knowledge.

What is Hate Crime?

Hate Crimes are a great threat to peaceful living together in Europe. Every year thousands of people are intimidated, injured or even killed. Hate Crimes are based on the racist, homophobic, antisemitic or inhuman attitudes of the offenders. They are targeted towards individuals as a representative of a disliked group, against the whole group and against common values of democratic societies. Thus people and groups towards whom Hate Crime is directed include foreigners, ‚sinti and roma’, jews, people whose sexual identity or orientation are refused by the offenders, religious minorities, people with disabilities and homeless people, as well as people who are committed to fighting nationalism, racism, and homophobia.

What is this call about?

The specific character of Hate Crimes and their impact requires specialized support for the victims. However, to date there are no standard guidelines. The Counseling Services for Victims of Hate Crimes of RAA Saxony e.V. calls to assemble different approaches on a European level in order to draft common guidelines as well as consistent standards for the support of, and advice for, victims of Hate Crimes. Therefore, we invite you to join the project „Guidelines and Supportstandards for Victims of Hate Crime“ and to participate in the two workshops included.

Whom does the call concern?

The call is addressed to all (nongovernmental) organizations, initiatives and projects in Europe who give (semi-)professional counseling and support to victims of Hate Crime.

What are the main goals of the project?

  • Bringing together advisory and support offices for victims of Hate Crime from different European states
  • Exchange of knowledge and expertise
  • Integrating existing conceptions of advisory offices
  • Discussing possible common standards and guidelines for the counseling and support of victims of Hate Crime in Europe
  • Drafting relevant recommendations and necessary framework requirements for efficient counseling service
  • Improvement of support and advisory activities in Europe
  • Publication of results
  • Exerting an influence on the current discussion of victim protection in Europe

What is your main benefit by participating?

  • Being part of a European wide network of advisory offices
  • meeting relevant stakeholders for victim rights/protection
  • taking part in an international discussion and transfer of knowledge
  • Influencing the development of professional support standards for victims of Hate Crime
  • well-defined international guidelines your office can refer to
  • strengthening the position of advisory offices and the perspective of Hate Crime victims on a European level

Who owns the project?

The project „Guidelines and Supportstandards for Victims of Hate Crime“ is realized by the Advisory Office for Victims of Hate Crime of RAA Saxony e.V. It is funded by the german Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (German acronym EVZ). It is promoted by the cooperation of Amadeu Antonio Foundation (Berlin), Amnesty International (European Institutions Office), UNITED for intercultural action and Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Kirche und Rechtsextremismus (BAGK+R).

What does participation entail?

  • complete a questionnaire on your office‘s work
  • send in existing conceptions your office refers to
  • take part in the two workshops in Berlin in 2015
  • give feedback to the draft version of our common guidelines after each workshop

Dates, cost and application process

Project organizers are invited to apply by sending a letter of motivation/intent to: Based on the applications we will select the participants by january 31, 2015. After confirmation, we will send you a questionnaire in order to get an overview of your different advisory and support activities. Joining the project and participating in the workshops is free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs can be reimbursed by RAA Saxony e.V.

Closing date for application: december 31, 2014
Workshop I: march 11 – 13, 2015 in Berlin (Germany)
Workshop II: may 25 – 29, 2015 in Berlin
(The official language of the workshops will be English.)
Release of the results: august 2015


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the project coordinator Stephan-Jakob Kees

RAA Sachsen e.V.
Supportstandards for Victims of Hate Crime in Europe
Bautzner Straße 45/47
01099 Dresden / Germany

We are looking forward to a fruitful and productive collaboration.

Call for Participation [PDF]